The Difference Between Non Show Socks and Crew Length Socks - 翻译中...

The Difference Between Non Show Socks and Crew Length Socks - 翻译中...

Good health starts with protecting your feet. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when the soles of the feet get cold, people are easy to get sick. Therefore, white socks appeared in ancient times. Today, socks have become diversified in style and have more and more functions. Many girls don't know how to choose socks. There are some questions. For example, what is the difference between non show socks and crew length socks? Which one is better? Next, Innovate Socks will tell you the difference.

Ⅰ. Non show socks

Non show socks are socks worn on the feet without showing. At first, they are designed for women wearing leather shoes with low-cut uppers in summer, because the summer is hot, and it is uncomfortable for bare feet to wear shoes, but wearing thick socks is very hot. Non show socks are uniquely breathable as well as fashionable and beautiful, which is popular in fashion women.

General non show socks are mostly flesh-colored, similar to skin color. After wearing shoes, they are generally difficult to find and do not affect the contact of skin and air. Good low no show socks in the market, such as non show socks of LANG SHA, use imported fabric that is silky and breathable, fashionable and comfortable. And they are anti-odor and antibacterial, sweat clearing, constant temperature to dispel cold and improve sleep.

Ⅱ. Crew length socks

Crew length socks are a kind of very short socks. This name is due to its boat-like shape. Its length is up to the ankle, also known as "super short socks". It has various colors, generally made of silk. In Taiwan, it is known as low no show socks. But at the same time, the materials of crew length socks can be various, such as lace, cotton and so on.

At first, crew length socks began to be popular in Japan, mainly used for indoor walking, slowly popular in the world. Then it produces a variety of styles, such as suspenders, jacquard, lace and so on.

Ⅲ. The difference between non show socks and crew length socks

The difference between them lies in the similar function, but low no show socks are for summer and their color is close to the skin color. Another kind of crew length socks has a variety of styles and materials.

So which one is better? We can tell you that actually both of them are acceptable. Crew length socks are for leisure sports, and no show boat socks are for work leisure. The effect is the same, but we recommend that you choose the big brand in the market.

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